My Fellow Protégé Columnist

Life is human’s best and worst teacher. You go through a couple of bumpy roads here and there, but that doesn’t stop you from following your dreams. Teens go through so many moments in their life because they’re already at that stage. I mean, from rebellion against authority to drama and sour relationship, that’s just life. And I’ve decided to dig deeper in depth into the meaning and concepts of human nature….Honestly, if it wasn’t for my college friend, Josh Chen, I wouldn’t have been so interested in going after the meaning of life, the processes of human nature and the human mind….Right now, this is my first step to achieving voicing out not just my mind, but my heart and soul. This is also a hobby in the making. A possible columnist in the making like Josh, here I come to carpe diem.

~ Felix Chow, an excerpt from About Bone

477182_10150856898513520_884939637_o (3)I know Felix is inspired by what I write: echoing the voice of my favorite columnist high school teacher Jaime Richards and the voices of the people I care about in my life, my parents, my friends, great figures like Emerson and Thoreau. The list indefinitely goes on.

But inspiring others, I believe, is only the first step.

Now that my younger classman Felix is also taking a stance on voicing his opinions and striving to touch lives with his life philosophies, I also plan to start a chain reaction too, and a friend like Felix is crucial to initiating such an effect.

Therefore, I’d not only like to honor Felix for his brief takes on writing and on life, but also to encourage him to keep going…as any mentor would, if I do say so myself.

But this isn’t just a recommendation. This is an invitation.

I invite you to read and reflect on what Mr. Chow has to say in Philosophically Speaking.

But you don’t have to take my word for it. See for yourself.


SEPTEMBER 15, 2014 UPDATE: Felix has switched blogs.

Read his Updated post here: End of the Road.


I commend you Felix. Keep writing, and keep touching lives in ways you can’t imagine.

Because, at the end of every day, I too realize, optimistic changes don’t have to be extremely world-renowned to be impacting. They can start small too, and lead to even larger changes down the road.

Start with the Daffodil Principle and see where it will take you. 🙂

Here is a great example:

Oh and Felix? By the way, “you’re welcome” (for inspiring you to be a columnist as well.)

God bless your heart my bro. ❤

Warm regards,

J. Chen the Columnist

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One thought on “My Fellow Protégé Columnist”

  1. Josh,

    I definitely will continue to try to take what you’ve taught me and what I’ve learned in life so far and inspire the people around us. Now, look, I understand that people have different opinions, viewpoints on certain subjects. I’m trying my best to see both sides of the spectrum, but as you know, I’m also expressing what I myself think what I agree and disagree on. I hope you continue your endeavors as well, not just in column writing, but other things you feel passionate about.

    Not many of my friends know this, but I still remember vividly back when I was in Union City attending Alvarado Elementary School, I really don’t know how this got started, but I remember getting bullied by not just one student, but like, four students. Again, I really don’t know what I did to motivate them to do such a thing. Maybe it could’ve just something they felt like doing because I was, and still am, the smallest kid in my class.

    I tried to retaliate, and I remember I was successful once, against this act of bullying against me. I believe, I alerted one of the school officials to deal with them. But those incidents were nightmares. If you were want more of my ordeal, I just remembered that one topic I wanted to write about. So I will be going into further detail in that column. I can also Facebook you about it if you want. No one likes to endure pain, not even I. But, it takes a lot of courage to verbally stand up against something we feel is wrong and actually take action. I believe I’ve talked the talk enough, long enough. Now it’s time for me to train myself to stop being a physical coward of life and walk the walk.


    Your Protégé Columnist,

    Felix Chow (A.K.A. Bone33)


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